maxtek IoT

My name is Maximilien Kpizingui, a Data Scientist | IoT Developper | Embedded Software Engineer by profession. I held a bachelor of engineering in electrical and electronic with major in electronic and communication(satellite, radar, microwave, antenna and fibre optics) and minored in power system analysis.
I started maxtek in June 2018 as a freelancer to build the capstone project work of final year students. Few months later, I was called by Saint Thomas Aquimas Senior High School for a tech fair competition to program a greenhouse and home automation system which was successful in two days of intensive work.
In October 2018, I was selected by AIT to present my project on smart trash bin and garbage monitoring system using mapping technology to a tech exposition.
I lectured matlab and java at Pinnacle University college from June to December 2018.
In 2019, I was appointed in Austria as EURAFRI Networking Ambassador in Ghana, an austrian NPO focused on trading,restructuring business,real state, import & export of goods, IoT and IT Expert to break the gap between Europe and Africa.
In 2021, I received two certificates of accomplishment from bootcamp "click on the link to verify" in Foundational Data analysis and Visualization and in Data Science
Currently, I work on intelligent transportation system in a vehicular ad hoc network. I am interested in machine learning,computer vision,artificial intelligence and space exploration.

Contact me on LinkedIn here.