maxtek IoT

Mission of maxtek Minute of Code

The mission of the maxtek Minute of Code is to energize, encourage and empower students, in their current state, in their current school with the power to code. The power to create is strong within every young person and many just love this opportunity to begin “creating” through code. So why do we have to wait until Maths and Sciences are perfect before we begin creating opportunity, opening minds to limitless possibilities and teaching new and exciting coding languages to the youth?

“maxtek Minute of Code” was launched in July 2018 by maxtek IoT ownership startup. It received unprecedented support from friends, colleagues and family. As of 2019, Ghanian youth now have an opportunity to take part in this worldwide campaign and develop key skills on the language of the future.

Project overview

With the advanced of machine learning and artificial intelligence nowasday, software is becoming a critical layer of all our lives and Ghana should respond to the need of integrating porgramming in the curriculum. Besides In the future, not knowing the language of computers will be as challenging as being illiterate or innumerate.

The maxtek Minute of Code campaign aims to demystify computer science for youth across the country by taking them through introductory to computer language and robotics porgramming. The maxtek Minute of Code is not primarily about equipping the next generation to work as software engineers or robotics engineers but it is about promoting computational thinking.

Computational thinking teaches you how to tackle large problems by breaking them down into a sequence of smaller, more manageable problems. It allows you to tackle complex problems in efficient ways that operate at huge scale. It involves creating models of the real world with a suitable level of abstraction, and focus on the most pertinent aspects. It helps you go from specific solutions to general ones.